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Paratrooper Strap "Remove Before Flight"

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This is a strap that has been around since the 1960´s. Originally french navy divers (Marine Nationale) was wearing these type of straps on their Tudor "Snowflakes". Our version differs from other elastic straps, we chose to make our Paratrooper strap as slimmed down as possible to be able to have as few layers as possible. Slimming it down also means that we didn´t need to put on unnecessary metal pieces and extra lenghts of webbing. This is a strap that is not only extremly soft and comfortable, it is also micro-adjustable and will fit all wrists from the very slim to the very large since it is both flexible and adjustable. It is also very easy to mount on your watch, there is no need for a spring bar tool if you are already wearing a Standard strap or a single pass strap. You just have to remove the adjustable metal piece, slide your watch on to the strap, and then put the metal piece back on. The Paratrooper strap measures 26,5 cm excluding clasp.
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