Why buy from CNS?

When you buy straps from CNS, you don´t just support a small family business, you are also supporting the watch community. Since I started selling watch straps in 2012 my aim has always been to give back to the watch community (especially members of Reddit and Instagram who have been an amazing support) by re-investing in new watch strap models and producing the largest collection of top quality watch straps, at reasonable prices.

I´m not interested in having a "cool" brand like some of my competitors, I just want fair business. I rather sell a $9.95 watch strap to three customers, than selling an overpriced $40 watch strap to one customer.

With your support I have been able to set up my own production of not just nylon straps, but also leather watch bands and rubber Tropic straps. Having my own production means that I can cut out the middle men and sell directly to my customers at a more reasonable price. I have also been able to produce odd sizes like 19 mm and 21 mm so that vintage watch collectors can have the same range of straps to chose from as the collectors of the more contemporary watches. If you are missing a model, let us know!

Thank you very much!
Sofie and the CNS team!