Bambi Pebble Brown

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Discover the Bambi Brown watch band – a masterpiece of minimalist design and natural elegance. Crafted from premium deer leather, this watch band offers a soft, pliable feel that ensures comfort without sacrificing durability. The Bambi Brown stands out with its seamless construction; there are no visible stitches or seams, presenting a clean and uninterrupted leather surface that exemplifies pure sophistication.

The rich brown color of the Bambi Brown provides a warm, versatile look that complements both contemporary and traditional watches. It’s perfect for anyone seeking to add a touch of earthy charm to their ensemble while enjoying the understated luxury of smooth deer leather.

Equipped with a sturdy clasp, the Bambi Brown is designed for easy installation and a secure fit, ensuring that your watch remains safely attached through all your daily activities. Embrace the seamless blend of style and functionality with the Bambi Brown watch band, and elevate your watch to new heights of style.



18 mm (7 x 11 cm) Buckle 12 mm
19 mm (7 x 11 cm) Buckle 14 mm
20 mm (7 x 11 cm) Buckle 14 mm

All sizes are without buckle.

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Watch bands
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Full grain leather, bonded leather and 304l Stainless steel