Bund Strap Dark Brown

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Introducing our premium Bund Strap in Dark Brown – a sophisticated and rugged accessory that seamlessly combines style and durability. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this watchband is designed to enhance the look of your timepiece while providing maximum comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Rich Dark Brown Leather: The strap is made from high-quality, genuine leather that exudes a deep, rich brown hue. The color is versatile, complementing both classic and contemporary watch designs.

  2. Bund Style Design: The Bund strap features a distinctive design with an additional leather pad that wraps around the back of the watch. This not only adds a unique touch to your watch but also provides extra comfort during extended wear.

  3. Comfortable and Adjustable: The leather used is supple and comfortable from the first wear, ensuring that your watch feels great on your wrist. The strap is also adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes, offering a customized and secure fit.

  4. Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the test of time, the Bund Strap is durably constructed to handle daily wear and tear. The stitching is meticulously done for added strength, ensuring that your watch is securely fastened at all times.

  5. Versatile Compatibility: This strap is designed to fit a range of watch brands and models. Its universal appeal makes it an ideal choice for both vintage and modern watches, adding a touch of sophistication to any timepiece.

Elevate the aesthetic of your watch with the Bund Strap in Dark Brown – where timeless style meets modern functionality. Order yours today and experience the perfect fusion of form and function.

Technical information:

Watch strap length: 19.1 cm (7.7 x 11.4) Inch : 4.48 x 3.03

Watch strap thickness: 2 mm

Bund pad in size 18 and 20 mm: length 8,2 cm and width 4,5 cm

Bund pad in size 22 mm: length 9,2 cm and width 4,9 cm

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Watch bands
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Commodity composition:
Full grain leather, bonded leather and 304l Stainless steel